Frequently asked questions about installation of "Barrisol" Stretch Ceilings and Walls.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Question Whats the difference between stretch ceilings and pendant ceilings ?
Answer Stretch ceilings are an integral cloth and as a rule "cover" the whole area of the room, when installed. Pendant ceilings usually are mounted from segments. The maximum area of an integral cloth makes 60 m2. Ceilings with greater area are broken into segments. The minimum distance from the draft ceiling to the stretch ceiling is 4-5 centimeters, and the pendants is much more.
Installation of stretch ceilings instead of pendant allows to create effect of ideally even surface of the whole ceiling.
Question What is the basic difference between dim and sateen material?
Answer The sateen material as opposed to dim has small luster, and also has wider scale of colors and shades - from warm to cold, which allows to satisfy most refined tastes.
Question What is an advantage of installation of stretch ceilings?
Answer Advantages of installation of stretch ceilings as opposed to all of the existing ceiling designs are that they have light weight but high ability to hold large static load (1 m2 of a film supports 100 liters of water according to a technical expert appraisal).
Installation of stretch ceilings in buildings and rooms in earthquake-dangerous zones allows to avoid traumas and tragedies at the destruction of bearing and ceilings.

Installation of stretch ceilings has become very popular in Japan, as in a most earthquake-dangerous zone. At the moment of an earthquake they do not represent any danger, but also protect people from falling fragments of a building and designs.

The manufacturer guarantees the quality of designs of a ceiling for 10 years.

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