The pricelist on a material used for stretch ceilings of system "BARRISOL".

Type of a material for the ceiling Cost 1 2
Less than 5 2 More than 5 2

* White
* other colours

$ 51
$ 45

$ 34
$ 30
Sateen $ 75 $ 50
Varnish $ 82,5 $ 55
Translucent $ 105 $ 70
Punched $ 82,5 $ 55
Suede $ 97,5 $ 65
Metallic $ 90 $ 60
* the adjusted prices are include both VAT and complete installation of stretch ceiling "BARRISOL".

The dim material The dim material. Installation of a stretch ceiling using dim material demands the least money expenses. Can be installed in any room, thus all the properties of the stretch ceilings are kept.
View of material
The sateen material. The sateen material. Close to dim, differs by little luster and also has wide scale of colors and shades. Allows to satisfy the most refined tastes.
View of material
The varnish material The varnish material - most effective invoice, allowing to create illusion of increased volume of the room where the stretch ceiling is established. Has the broadest scale of colors and shades. Most favorably if it will be combined with contrasting color of walls and furnish.
View of material
The translucent material The translucent material - is widely used for imitation of luminous ceilings.
The punched material The punched material - can be used for rooms with the large volumes. The installation of this ceilings can be performed with the area of the ceiling not less than 200 m2.
The suede material The suede material - is ideal for ceilings in a bedroom and studies.
View of material
"Metallic" "Metallic" - the most expensive material. Requires good design work and quality illumination.
View of material

The common pricelist The dim material The varnish material The punched material The suede material The "Metallic" The translucent material The sateen material

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