Prizes for stretch ceilings BARRISOL and corporation

Received a diploma of international building congress in 1997.

A medal, received at the international exhibition "The best and new materials in the construction industry" which took place in Melbourne in 1996.

At the world fair of construction materials in 1996, corporation "Barrisol" won a prize for best technologies in the construction technologies area.

Corporation "Barrisol-Normalu S.A" wins the medal for the best building material at the fair in Chech Republic in 1995.

Prize, received at the fair in China in 1995.

Prize for stretch ceilings "BARRISOL" given to corporation "Barrisol-Normalu" S.A. in 1993 in Prague.

The stretch ceilings made under "BARRISOL-STAR" trade mark received diploma of honor "OSCAR SNAI" in 1991.

In 1991, received a bronze medal for new developments in construction industry at the world fair "BATIMAT".

Received a special jurors prize at the fair in Grenoble for system of warm floors "BARRISOL-THERMALU" in 1990.

Geneva 1990. Special prize for stretch ceilings "BARRISOL".

Honorary diploma "SNAI-OSCAR" from international architect syndicate, 1985.

An honor cup for the most modern and
perfect material - stretch ceilings "BARRISOL."

In 1983 received "Sign of French Industrial Esthetics".

Silver medal at the world fair of construction materials "BATIMAT" in 1975.

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