News of busineses of company "SV-Barrisol" stretch ceilings
and walls.

On these pages we plan to inform you not only about various information and changes of the company, but also to acquaint you with news in the construction industry, development of new technologies and materials, newest development of head corporation "BARRISOL", and also other interesting events.


From 20 till September 26 in Petersburg state architectural building university the center of modern building technologies will carry out an exhibition "NEW BUILDING MATERIALS AND TECHNOLOGIES - 98"

The organizers of an exhibition:
  • Union of the architects of Russia.
  • Union of the designers of Russia.
  • The ministry general and professional training of Russia.
  • Construction committee of Administration of St.-Petersburg.
  • Committee on town-planning and architecture of administration St.-Petersburg.
  • Union of the building companies of St.-Petersburg.
  • St.-Petersburg State Architectural - building University.
Our company takes part in an exhibition and we also invite you to visit it.
Address: 198005, Saint-Petersburg, 2-nd Krasnoarmeyskaya st., 4. tel: (812) 316-4364.
There will be an inter-
national specialized exhibition of building materials, ventilating equipment, finishing materials and interior
"BATIMAT" from 26.10.98 till 29.10.98 in St.- Petersburg exposition center "LENEXPO".

Tel. (812) 355-1946, Fax: (812) 356-3555

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