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About services of the "SV-Barrisol" stretch ceilings and walls.

What is a stretch ceiling "BARRISOL"?

Technologies of the XXI centuries.
In the last decades world industry of construction materials has undergone serious changes. The reason for those changes is fast development of technical progress in various spheres of human activity. New developments in areas of physics and chemistry have allowed to create various newest materials. Introduction of the above mentioned achievement including in military branch and in construction, has given way to create essentially new materials.

The set of these factors has allowed to develop unique building material - plastic on a basis of polivinilchlorine.

The stretch ceilings are made out of cloths from this material, as a result, the final product has all those qualities, which are part of advanced technology.

An embodiment in a material.
A ceiling by definition is the maximum point. But until recently its design was far from being in the first place. The modern interior is first of all the correlation of space, in which ceiling plays probably the main role. Just imagine: a colorful height opens above your head , to which you can set size and color. And it is not a fruit of some poetic imagination, but the newest development of the designers and engineers embodied in a material.

Ceilings in your apartments and offices can become mate, velvety, or like mirror.

- It is beautiful and prestigious
Installation of stretch ceilings "BARRISOL" will transform a modest room or office into the perfect place for meetings with friends or negotiating with colleagues.

- It is boundless opportunities for the most refined design
The company-manufacturer of the stretch ceilings "BARRISOL" offers more than 150 colors and shades of a ceiling material. Mirror, dim, velvet, translucent and the punched surfaces will allow to create voluminous designs or complex geometrical figures - which can radically change your ordinary walls.

- Fast and quality installation
Installation of stretch ceilings "BARRISOL" does not require any special preparation, you wont need to make any re-equipment of your rooms. Our experts will make all that is necessary for installation of ceilings or walls. Highest technological level and aesthetics. The installation doesnt take a lot of time, doesnt ruin or spoil environment. If you desire, its possible to establish the additional light equipment, system of ventilation, security system.

- Stretch ceilings "BARRISOL" are practical
Installing a stretch ceiling will hide cracks, stains and various defects that usual ceiling can have, and also wires, pipes and other building designs.
Material for stretch ceilings and walls...

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