On this page you can get acquainted with samples of stretch ceilings. There are more than 100 photos of stretch ceilings in this section. For convenience the images are grouped in the following categories:

Installation of stretch ceilings "BARRISOL" in your living room will allow to hide all the defects of traditional ceilings: roughness, cracks, color heterogeneity. Clean and fast installation will give you more opportunities for repair of your apartment. You can create a unique landscape of your ceiling.

The stretch ceiling "BARRISOL" established in the office of a company gives rooms unknown beauty and comfort. Presence of such ceiling in the office speaks about solvency of firm and gives it authority. In rooms with stretch ceilings it is pleasant to work and allows to stay there longer, admiring the beauty of surroundings.

The application of modern technologies of a furnish of the rooms allows to achieve an increase of the space which includes systems of ceilings. Use of stretch ceilings of system "BARRISOL" gives premises unlimited volume and increase of space.

The installation of stretch ceilings "BARRISOL" will give additional visual effect to the introduced exhibits, will emphasize their refinement or simply decorate any room.

Use of stretch ceilings is most preferable "BARRISOL" in premises with the increased humidity: swimming pools, saunas, bathrooms. The basic problem of such rooms is that they frequently require to be repaired. Because of moisture and chlorine, present in water, metal designs and surfaces get rusty pretty fast, painted and surfaces quickly lose their appearance. The installation of stretch ceilings will forever relieve you of these problems.

Stretch ceilings "BARRISOL" will allow to create pleasant atmosphere and interior in the gyms and training halls, and usage of the varnish materials will allow to watch for performed physical training on the equipment, for example bench-press, bisepse curl or leg curl.

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