The technology of installation of stretch ceilings "BARRISOL".

For installation of stretch ceilings and walls "BARRISOL" are used fulfilled methods, due to which the process of installation requires minimum of time. The modern building equipment and equipment is applied, which allows to achieve high quality parameters.

The installation of a stretch ceiling includes the following basic stages:
  • Calculation of perimeter of the premises. The calculations are carried out to within one centimeter, and not only perimeter of a premise is measured, but also diagonal from all corners.
  • Straightening of a horizontal level on which will be established baguette.
  • Installation of baguette on a level. You can familiarize with types below.
  • The warming up of a cloth by a thermal gun for increase of stretching ability (room should be closed for an obstacle of passage of cold air).
  • Hanging of a cloth of a stretch ceiling on special hangers to baguette on the corners.
  • Fastening with the help of angular on a diagonal in corners.
  • Uniform distribution of a cloth on all perimeter with the help of special device.
  • The control of installation of a cloth of a stretch ceiling.
You can see the video about the process of installation of a stretch ceiling on our home page (RealVideo format).

In a case the configuration of walls is not straight the room is broken into sectors.
The restrictions for application of stretch ceilings "BARRISOL" practically are not present, as they allow to cover any areas. At the area more than 60 m2 it is necessary to establish additional elements - separators, since on the large areas the ceiling could sag.

The stretch ceilings can be established on any walls at any furnish, only it is important to have a strong fastening of finishing elements to the basic walls, in order to prevent them from tearing at the installation of a ceiling.
In stretch ceilings its possible to apply both built - in and pendant fixtures. For the built - in fixtures it is necessary to establish additional fixing elements - racks, besides it is necessary to have a sample of the fixture for selection of and. Besides it is necessary to know height of the fixture since the ceiling will be lowered on same distance from the basic ceiling.
For a suspension bracket of a luster on a ceiling it is necessary to have a hanger on an existing ceiling, which will be found after a stretching of a ceiling. In this place the aperture is cut out which is fixed with ring, then the cloth of a stretch ceiling is stretched upwards, the luster is hung up on the hanger, and the electric fixture is closed with.

The fabrics of stretch ceilings. The recommendations for their application from the aesthetic and practical points of view depending on a room.

The basic criterium of a choice of the fabrics is the type of the fabric. It is recommended to use the dim and sateen fabrics in those rooms, where the man spends most of his time (it can be living room, bedroom, children's room).
For sleeping rooms also is possible to use the suede fabric. The varnish invoice can be successfully used in living rooms and bathrooms, and it is possible to apply sateen to kitchen rooms. The translucent invoice is better used there, where from the inside part of a ceiling the light fixtures are established. For walls the dim, sateen and suede invoices are usually applied. With application of varnish and "metallic" fabrics use of lateral light fixtures is possible.
The additional recommendations at the choice of the fabric are specified in the price-list for a material of a stretch ceiling.

Types of baguettes used for installation of stretch ceilings "BARRISOL".

Types of baguettes used for installation of stretch ceilings "BARRISOL". The baguette represents the basis mainly from aluminum of alloys, which fasten on perimeter of a room which in turn is then covered by the system of a material of a ceiling. Usually builders use baguette which fastens to walls. On occasion, when there is no opportunity to fix adjusting baguette on walls its applied on the ceiling.


Type 1.

Type 1

Type 2.

Type 2

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